La Soupe
Saint - Eustache

For over 30 years,  from December 1st to March 31st, At the initiative of the parish, about 300 soup volunteers take turns to host and serve a meal to their "guests", every evening at 7:30 pm. In 1984, the first evening, 13 soups were distributed... 32 000 were served during the last campaign on the forecourt of the Church of Saint-Eustache.

"Everyone is welcome"

La Pointe
Saint - Eustache

For 6 years, every Saturday from 5pm to 7pm, Pointe Saint-Eustache welcomes people from the street, around a café, a cake, a discussion or a game. During meals served in the soup, "guests" were asked for a place to land to leave the routine, the everyday life of the street. Meet attentive people to talk to, get out of their isolation to find some warmth and human contact.


"go toward others"

The tip houses other associations


To the captives, the liberation

Mission: Dedicate themselves to meeting and accompanying people on the street.

This is all the more appreciated as the current reconstruction of the hall Forum largely deprives street people of their usual shelters or resting places.

Meet once a week at Pointe Saint-Eustache, the Thursday from 9am to 12pm
Info: – 01 45 08 14 85


Alcoholics Anonymous

The tip is one of the places where people want to get out of their addiction.

In a perfect anonymity, Helping and sharing experiences can help those in need.


Narcotics Anonymous

In the same vein, the association is made up of women and men for whom drugs have become a major problem.

Of Recovering dependents come together to help each other in a weaning effort.

Information at the Pointe or at the reception of Saint-Eustache.

Saint Vincent de Paul

To make practical services, to carry out some errands, to accompany a medical visit: These are some of the missions fulfilled by the fifteen members of the conference Saint-Vincent-de-Paul to people who are often elderly and alone. The most important thing is to listen to those who live in the Silence of their solitude, and who want to talk about their worries as their joys.

"Let's Keep the link"

Visitors to
Saint - Eustache

In the continuation of the soup, a group of parishioners sensitive to the call of the fight against solitude wanted to engage in concrete action, to offer moments of fraternal presence, of listening, of sharing to people isolated from the neighbourhood, in order to Help to Reweave social ties.

"Solitude is not inevitable"


Many parishioners know Cerise Name, but how many have entered?
Already the look is worthwhile with the very original Coffee Reflections, artwork by the plastic artist Jean-Luc Vilmouth (2002).

The cherry symbol means «Carrefour Exchanges Rencontre Saint-Eustache».
The building of 46 rue Montorgueil is a beehive animated by 6 Employees and 80 volunteers Dynamic.

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