Sleepless Night 2019 in Sint Eustatius

Welcome to all of you who are entering the church of St. Eustatius for this Sleepless Night 2019.
We are happy to welcome you in this place of beauty and peace.

Yves Trocheris, priest of the Oratory, parish priest of Saint-Eustache.



Saturday 5 October from 8pm to 3am

In an initiation ritual, Evi Keller invites the audience to live a founding experience. A true world work, whose components are gradually revealed, the Performance/Material/Light confronts us with the origin of creation, taken in its most radical sense; when everything was still only fusions, flows, concretions of materials, luminous fulgurances. More than a simple installation, here the "lightnings cross the darkness of the mists of time", to use Schelling's formula. Evi Keller's art magically reconnects with natural forces, the romanticization of the world, dear to Novalis, the union of the known and the unknown, the finite and the infinite, the visible and the invisible: "This is how we find the original meaning. »

Sound creation: Marc Billon, electronic music composer.

With the police station of Françoise Paviot and Olivier Schefer.

With the support of Art, Culture and Faith, Saint-Eustache Church, University Paris-Est Marne-La-Vallée UFR LACT, University Paris 8 CICM.

Portfolio of Evi Keller in French : matter/ek-ml-portfolio-en.pdf
Version française : matter/ek-ml-portfolio-en.pdf

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