Parishioners and visitors of all nationalities flock to this church in thousands every year. His reputation is as much due to the splendour of his architecture as to his musical tradition.

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The Great organ
of Saint - Eustache

One of the largest organs of France is located in the church of Saint-Eustache in Paris.

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Artistic life

This is one of the elements that makes the richness and diversity of the parish. The works of famous artists who have populated his edifice over the centuries, whether they are of Vouet, Rubens, Pigalle, Baltard, or more recently Raymond Mason, Keith Haring Yes John Armleder.

At different times, art has often helped to challenge the visitor or the parishioner. We must try to discover the intimate, perhaps spiritual, vision that the artist who has chosen to expose in the Church wishes to convey to us. The artistic work in all its forms can nourish our inner life and accompany the search for the senses of the men and women of today.

That is why, over the years, Saint-Eustache welcomes various contemporary artists and joins in the great moments of the artistic life of the capital, like the White Night, a rare occasion to propose to some 10 000 visitors of the night the discovery of the Historical heritage of the parish as well as original and strong works.

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