Musical tradition

Parishioners and visitors of all nationalities flock to this church in thousands every year. His reputation is as much due to the splendour of his architecture as to his musical tradition.

Many memories are attached to it over the centuries: Lully married in 1662; On the eve of his death, Rameau Bade farewell to the organ; Mozart Attended his mother's funeral; 950 performers interpreted the first hearing of the Te Deum of Berlioz In 1855. Today, the Mass of Saint Cecilia Attracts a loyal audience every fall.

Great chorus of singers of St-Eustache



In recent years, under the responsibility of the superintendent of the parish, Saint-Eustache has regularly opened up to the reception of Philharmonic formations, choirs and prestigious festivals. Oriented towards different audiences, the programming offers a great diversity in the respect of the place and the pastoral

Do you want to organize a concert?

Send a request as detailed as possible, preferably accompanied by a registration or Internet links to Louis Robiche, superintendent of Saint-Eustache:

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The Great organ
of Saint - Eustache

One of the largest organs of France is located in the church of Saint-Eustache in Paris.

Discover the Great organ

The singers
of Saint - Eustache

The church has counted many talented musicians as Chapel Masters and especially in the recent past, the R. P Emile Martin (1914-1989), Oratorian, which Founded in 1944 the Society of Singers of Saint-Eustache.

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Musical actors
of the parish

Lionel Cloarec, Chapel Master

Baptiste - Florian Marle - Ouvrard, holder of the great organ

Thomas Ospital, holder of the great organ

Steve Hézode, Cantor, musical adviser

François Olivier, holder of the choir organ

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