Why the Saint-Eustache factory?

«Doing nothing would freeze the walk of time and leave to our successors an even heavier task.
Since the launch of the construction of Saint-Eustache in 1532, the church has adapted to its time, to the mutations of the world, of the city, of society. Today, the Halles district, in the heart of Paris, is experiencing new developments. Saint-Eustache, nourished by history, must accompany these evolutions, to continue the work of our ancestors... »

George Nicholson, from the Oratory, former parish priest of Saint-Eustache

Like any building, the church of Saint-Eustache must be maintained, renovated and restored.
Like any living building, the Church of Saint-Eustache must evolve to adapt to its time, to its urban and social environment.

Organizing and conducting these developments, this is the raison d'être of the Saint-Eustache factory, illustrated by its motto " Stones and men Marching ».

« Stones and men Marching »... Yes, for the La Fabrique project, I'm on my way right now.

Yves Trocheris, New parish priest of Saint-Eustache

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Saint-Eustache's facilities

The restorations of Saint-Eustache are the responsibility of the city of Paris. After the chapels of the south aisle, the most spectacular has just worn on the facade of the south transept and ended in March 2018.

Alongside these restorations, the development program designed and conducted by the factory aims to develop the worship radiation as cultural of the Church and to strengthen its attraction while safeguarding and valuing the rich artistic heritage of the places: architecture, furniture, frescoes, paintings, sculptures, stained glass...

A more open church on the Halles district, a more welcoming church, better circulation inside the building, a better-developed liturgy, more functional spaces, are the objectives of the programme.

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Budget, funding and other information

« ... With the city of Paris, owner of the building, the factory strives to give itself the human and financial means to carry out the 16 projects programmed to date. Parisians, residents, heritage lovers, tourists, all those who appreciate Saint-Eustache are concerned with this issue and are called to bring this church to life in the heart of Paris.

All together make Saint-Eustache a church for the future. »

George Nicholson, from the Oratory, former parish priest of Saint-Eustache

The installations at the expense of the Saint-Eustache factory have an overall cost of around EUR 3.3 million. It's a very big sum. A rule has been established: work on an operation is initiated only once the funds necessary for their full funding are brought together. The phase of the work therefore responds to both a logical constraint and a financial constraint.

Everyone, a natural or legal person, can participate in the financing of the development program and benefit from this tax benefit.

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