Call for Volunteers

We need you!

One of the riches of Saint-Eustache is you!

You who agree to give your time to the life of the parish.

It is often said of Saint-Eustache: "Great ship, small crew".

Know that today if the parish can still bring you what you expect, it is especially because More than 200 volunteers Engaged in the many spiritual and material tasks necessary for its daily functioning. The vast majority of them are being mobilized for a long time and are strongly aspiring to be strengthened by new energy-intensive pledges.

Contact us at the reception or by email:

Call for volunteers:

Saturday 6 October from 7pm, Nuit Blanche 2018: Please register online by following this link Https://

Reception of the children at the Sunday Masses of 11am: A merry team is building up to allow us to welcome these budding parishioners during the Sunday mass of 11am. To do this, we are still looking for parishioners of all ages to help us in this welcome so essential. You can contact the pastoral team:

Thank you to those who will answer this call: "You are Saint-Eustache!"

The joy of welcoming

In recent times, we have heard a lot about reception: Welcoming migrants or, in the recent synod for the family, welcoming people so far held on the margins of the church. In Saint-Eustache, however, the reception is not a word recently discovered; It is on the contrary a long tradition of openness and generosity, made possible thanks to the commitment of so many dedicated and supportive volunteers. The welcome is the thread of love of so many activities and groups of the parish, whether it is the soup, the tip, the visitors, the group AIDS spiritual life, and so many others. And then, there is the daily welcome of the parish, essential service and indispensable to the life of Saint-Eustache, ensured by a team that turns 3 times a day to receive anyone who shows up according to what Saint Benoit says: All the hosts who come ENT will be received as Christ (Rule 53.1).

The welcome, in fact, opens us up to others and to Christ. It is a gift of God because it is done by the attention of the heart, the availability to the other, the listening, the smile: It is the school of kindness. It is an important part of the communication of the parish and thus participates in the face that people perceive from Saint-Eustache. When we emerge from the reception, the day remains illuminated by the contacts and smiles met, enriched by all these donations received. The reception team receives people who come or call the parish for so many different requests or reasons: marriage, baptism, death, simple tourists wishing to discover the Church, deliverers of supplies for the parish, people in Suffering wanting to speak, people who just come to pray and buy novenas. For everyone, there is first the listening, the smile, then the words of sharing: Rejoice with those who came to ask for the celebration of a happy event, find the right words for those who have just lost a loved one, for by coming to the church or Telephoning, it is first human warmth and attention that these people come to seek. At the reception, it is also necessary to be effective, to deal with the demands which one can solve oneself, to take the messages for each other, to use tools made available to us, such as "The Star of the Shepherd" (Directory bringing together associations and Christian organizations in Paris), to better respond to requests for emergency assistance (accommodation, catering, rescue). So many opportunities to build relationships between the parish and these people, to take a look of love, to consider that the people knocking at the door of the reception desk also have something to offer us, to teach us. This is the specificity of the reception. So if you are convinced that this welcome is an important thing, if you also want to participate in this church service, visit us at the reception desk or write to Mairé Palacios (; She will be very happy to speak with you about it. Welcome to the reception!

Lorenzo Gallaï, Member of the host team 

They need you...

Every year, about thirty couples are preparing for the wedding in Saint-Eustache.

With each parish having a certain autonomy for the organization of this preparation, Saint-Eustache gave it its own touch. After a year of work, married parishioners conceived and set up, together with Father Luc Forestier, a preparation adapted to the fiancées in Saint-Eustache and the character of the parish. The preparers change but the way of preparing the preparation lasts. Currently, the marriage Readiness Team consists of three parishioners and one volunteer who provides the administration.

After a meeting with the priest, the preparation is entrusted to a couple of the team and ends with an interview with the priest or a vicar. This preparation "in" marriage and not "of" marriage (with the priest who presides the ceremony) takes place in three sessions that bring together five or six couples of fiancés: Two evenings on weekdays and one Sunday afternoon concluded by the Participation in the mass of eighteen hours with the blessing of the betrothed.

The aim of these three meetings is certainly to recall the principles of the Catholic Church on the Sacrament of marriage and its pillars, but is above all an opportunity to bring the bride and groom to take the time to reflect on the nature and importance of their Commitment in the company of other couples sharing the same project.

If the participants sometimes arrive with a little apprehension, gradually they find some satisfaction with this time of reflection and sharing which forces them, in the whirlwind of their preparations, to ask, to leave the daily, to put Words about their expectations not always expressed, and to hear those of the other, sometimes different.

The "moderator" couple is not there to testify, let alone to give the secret of the success that it does not hold, but to listen, help to ask the questions of substance, to ensure that everyone, despite the differences, can make heard what holds him the More to heart.

It is a commitment, often stimulating, sometimes moving.

More and more fiancés are addressing Saint-Eustache for their preparation, even if few marry in Saint-Eustache. But the events of life have made that there are no longer enough "trainers" couples. The group therefore needs to expand to new entrants to lighten the pace of training and allow the older ones to give way to people closer to the age of the bride and groom.

The team will, of course, welcome those who would be prepared to take on this important commitment, to accompany them, and to share with them the experience gained. Please contact Father George Nicholson (email address The fiancés and the parish need you.

The Wedding Preparation Team


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