This sacrament is important to your family, since it will mark theEntry of a young child into the Christian life. That is why, with you, we want to prepare this event well.

To talk about it, a first meeting will be offered.
Then you will talk with a couple of parents of the parish who will accompany you in your approach.
Finally you will be received by the priest or deacon who shall celebrate the baptism in Saint-Eustache.

Let's add that the Adults Wishing to take the path of baptism will be able to follow the itinerary Catechumenate.



We will propose to the fiancés a Deepening process so that they take the time to mature their union project. The objective is to fully understand the scope of their reciprocal commitment, as proposed by the Catholic Church.

In practice, in the course of 3 meetings, each session gathers around a couple of parishioner animators, 4 to 6 couples Preparing for the wedding (2 evenings on weekdays from 20:30 to 22:30, and a Sunday from 2pm to 7pm, which ends with participation in the parish mass).

Contact: Father George Nicholson, parish priest of Saint-Eustache –


We are attentive to the best accompaniment to the people who are grieved.

After contacting the funeral home, the family and relatives of the deceased are greeted by a priest or a deacon Avecqui the funeral will be prepared.

Transient reception of funeral urns

Saint-Eustache can temporarily accommodate the funeral urns for a maximum period of one year. This Allows families and loved ones to gather And to unite with the prayer of the parish for the deceased.

The Sainte-Madeleine Chapel is devoted to the memory of missing persons.

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