The resources
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What subsidies does Saint-Eustache receive?

No! Neither the state, nor the diocese, nor the Vatican. That is why the parish is very grateful to the more than 500 donors, on average, whose generosity helps to ensure the operating and investment expenses. Every day, the parish priest of Saint-Eustache must find 2 000 euros to "run the parish".

It should be clarified that the Church's denier (average donation in 2017 of €438.74 per person, compared to €460 in 2016) is the first source of income, a quarter of the annual revenue.

On the other hand, the quests can only cover the direct costs of organizing masses (€3 per person). Additional revenue is added: Sales of candles, real estate incomes, provision of the church for concert organizers.

In 2018/2019, the IRS maintains this advantage: a deduction of 66% of your donations to the limit of 20% of income.

Supporting Saint-Eustache

Participate in the denier

In 2017, the collection of the denier amounted to €238,675.88, a quarter of the operating product in Saint-Eustache. The figures show the importance of the denial for the mission and the life of the parish.

Contrary to the quests, to the casual (baptism, marriage, funeral), to the offerings of masses, the denier of the church is directly linked to no liturgical celebration. It is a financial management tool. The denier allows us to go beyond everyday life, to foresee and build the future of Saint-Eustache, his life and his mission in the heart of Paris.

It is neither desirable nor necessary to associate the denial of the church with any particular expenditure. Everyone knows that the dramatic decline in income would require changes in the way they look at the future. To respect the multiple obligations of Saint-Eustache currently costs a little more than 2,000 euros per day.

The denier of the church is one of the many possibilities to participate in the life of the parish. There are many more. However, it is normal for everyone to question their share of responsibility, also financial, for the future of Saint-Eustache.

I know that times are difficult, very difficult for many of us. It is possible to participate in the denial of the church by a monthly levy from €3, by a one-time donation on the site of the parish or by using the envelopes offered in the displays. With the tax deduction, equal to 66% of the gift made, giving to the denier is one of the means to pay the income tax.
The denier is neither the prerogative of the rich nor the privilege of the elderly. To participate in the denial of the church is the responsibility of all those who wish that, in the district of Halles, Saint-Eustache continues to bear the testimony of a spiritual, cultural and fraternal parish.

To all the people who give to the denier of the church in Saint-Eustache, thank you for your generosity, thank you for your fidelity.

George Nicholson, from the Oratory, former parish priest of Saint-Eustache

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Who finances the work
of Saint-Eustache?

Visitors are sometimes amazed at the decaying state of some of the chapels. It should therefore be clarified that the assumption of the important renovation works is the responsibility of the owner of the places of worship: The town hall of Paris. In recent years, the latter has been able to allocate the necessary funds for major repairs and renovation of six chapels. In the future, the effort will continue to measure the financial possibilities of the city. On the other hand, it is the parish that is responsible for routine maintenance and heating. During the last winter the cost of heating was 40 000 €.

During the last 4 winters, the heating was maintained so that the street people found in the church a warm shelter during the day, an effort of solidarity made possible thanks to the generosity of the parishioners through the church's denier.

The accounts of the parish
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