Visitors Saint-Eustache

“La solitude n’est pas une fatalité”

The initiative was born as a result of the diocesan operation "Parishes on Mission" and ideas issued in parish assemblies organized in Saint-Eustache.

In the extension of the soup, a group of parishioners sensitive to the call of the fight against solitude wanted to engage in concrete action, offer:

  • Moments of fraternal presence,
  • of listening,
  • Sharing to isolated people in the neighbourhood,

To help reweave social ties.

The visitors ' team, formed in association in January 2012, Meets once a month. It brings together Almost 25 volunteers and regularly visit about twenty lonely people.

All good will is welcome.


Let's keep the link

Saint Eustache, Parish of election

Saint-Eustache, we sometimes make a way to come, we see it from afar, we look from the inside. Its vaults, which watch over us, its lights, its columns, its chapels and its great organ, can dazzle, stir and soothe. The church is a spiritual, social and cultural crossroads that attracts thousands of visitors and followers from all walks of the horizon. We do not forget Saint-Eustache and even get attached to it...

A community of prayer and life that weaves visible and invisible threads

How many people attend the spiritual or charitable events? How many fans of concerts, visitors or tourists come back? At the weekend offices, how many parishioners do not have their habits – nave, south transept or north – sometimes in the same place? How many people stand so often in the vicinity of faces that have become familiar or cross glances that are no longer foreign? And who never suddenly noticed the repeated absence of one of these regulars?

When we find that we no longer see certain parishioners, we question in vain, if we have no co-ordinates. How many are, despite themselves, prevented by health problems, mobility or family reasons see professional? But the richness of our house is based on all its links, even the quietest.

Let's keep the link

Separation may not be a fatality, beyond the walls of other relationships are possible. Whether this issue of remoteness concerns you personally or through relatives, the parish of Saint-Eustache and its associations offer relays of exchange and information. Do not hesitate to show yourself, if you are afraid that you will not be able to go to church, either in the short or medium term, or if you know people in this case. A leaflet, to be deposited at the reception, is at your disposal to allow you to communicate any information necessary to contact them. In the walls or outside the walls of Saint-Eustache, let us keep our links.

Saint-Vincent de Paul Conference and visitors Saint-Eustache

Vous pouvez télécharger le formulaire “Gardons le lien” en cliquant ici. It will allow us to resume contact. Please fill it in and return it to the church reception or send it by mail to Saint-Eustache parish, 2 impasse Saint-Eustache – 75001 Paris.

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