La Soupe Saint-Eustache

“Chacun est bienvenu, Vient qui veut”

For over 30 years,
from December 1st to March 31st,
At the initiative of the parish, about 300 Volunteers Soup take turns to welcome and serve a meal to their "guests", Every night at 7:30. In 1984, the first evening, 13 soups were distributed... 32 000 were served during the last campaign On the forecourt of the Church of Saint-Eustache.

Video presentation by Gérard Seibel, ancien président de La Soupe Saint-Eustache

Our missionProvide "material" but also moral support to the poorest. We offer them a warm and complete meal and give them for the next day a bag with bread, a tin, a dessert, sometimes hygiene products.
But our "guests" also need recognition, listening.
To talk with them, to bring a little warmth, to break the spiral of isolation, to provoke the encounter, is the other reason to be, essential, of the soup.

Our "guests" who are they? – The soup is located in the heart of Paris in this district of the halls in the center of all the distress and fragilities: social and economic, but also emotional fragilities, familial, psychological and psychiatric. They are everywhere, of all ages, of all origins, of all faiths.
We respect their anonymity but a few engage and share their history with us.

Our Organization – Distributed in 7 teams, 35 volunteers each night Prepare, cook, serve meals and welcome our "guests".
Others, during the day, take care of the purchases, the collection of foodstuffs from the food bank, the partner companies, the traders and bakeries of the neighbourhood.
These volunteers, women, men, young people, employees, executives, students, artisans, journalists, retirees... have courses as different as they are singular.

The soup Saint-Eustache is today

  • More than 30 years Assistance to the poorest
  • 300 Volunteers
  • 25 Tonnes of food distributed per campaign
  • 100 Partners and benefactors
  • 32 000 Meals served each winter is near 280 Meal/day – 1 meal costs about 1 €

Solidarity and generosity Are on the go because the soup is faithfully benefiting from Support from local businesses and traders, procuring supplies and subsidies.
The soup is based entirely on the commitment of old and new volunteers to collect the food during the day or the preparation and service of meals.
If you want to join them Get in touch with the people in charge.


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